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How Sports Vision Training Stands Out in the Field

In order to stand out on the field, you need to stand out in your training. Sports Vision Training (SVT) is the teammate you need to improve your performance this season. Unlike traditional athletic training and conditioning, SVT stands out in the field by targeting visual and neurological components of your athletic performance. In addition to your physical abilities, your visual agility and eye-hand coordination are key factors in achieving excellence on the field. With our custom plans, state-of-the-art technology and partnership with experienced optometrists, SVT’s unrivaled approach enhances your training to make you stand out among the rest. 


Creating Custom Plans for Every Athlete

One training plan does not fit all. Athletes in different sports and different positions need different training plans crafted with their skillset and goals in mind. Vision training is no different, which is why our expert vision trainers work with you to craft a plan that will propel you to your athletic goals. Rather than opening up a gym with Senaptec technology and letting you off on your own, we guide you through meaningful training sessions with purposeful exercises that are designed for you, elevating your neurological abilities and improving your on-field performance. 

A hockey goalie’s training may consist of tracking objects and reacting quickly and efficiently. Football players may benefit from peripheral agility to be aware of their surroundings on the field. Each sport and position is different, and our trainers will find what your areas of strength and improvement are. Finally, with a plan in mind, we’ll work together to fine-tune your skills and work toward on-field success together. 


Delivering Results with State-of-the-Art Technology

Sports Vision Training’s facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to advance your visual agility and eye-hand coordination, working to improve your performance. Our Senaptec eye-tracking glasses follow your eye movement to learn how you focus and track objects in motion. This guides our training approach and helps us determine what exercises you will benefit from. 

Your training is then supported by exercises that target fine motor skills, object tracking, reaction time, eye-hand coordination and more. Throughout your visual training, we track your progress and match you up against athletes in similar age groups and positions to see how you compare. In addition to best-in-class technology, our trainers have backgrounds in athletics as well as optometry, meaning you work with some of the best sports vision trainers available. 


Pairing Optometry with Athletic Training

Sports Vision Training arose from Dr. Gina Wesley at Complete Eye Care of Medina. As a college athlete and experienced optometrist, she knows just how important visual agility and awareness is in achieving athletic excellence. Working closely with Complete Eye Care and Dr. Wesley, SVT has access to top optometry resources. We pair the science of vision with expertise of sports to stand out in the field among the competition. When we deliver next level training, you will derive next-level results.


Stand Out with Sports Vision Training

Your athletic training encompasses more than repetitions in a gym. When you focus your training on improving your visual agility and neurological strength, you will see results like no one else. Sports Vision Training has created a next-level facility that stands out among the rest so you can, too. If you’re interested in training with SVT, contact us and learn how to improve your performance this season.