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How Sports Vision Training Translates to Athletic Success

Next-level athletic success comes with next-level training. Adding more weight, running more laps and pushing yourself further is the natural first step to take in your training routine. Manifest excellence this season by taking a new approach to your athletic exercise and focusing on your mental and visual agility. Sports Vision Training is a next-level practice that pinpoints your visual agility and examines how your reaction time, peripheral awareness and neurological system work on the field or court. 

This customized training is a route to excellence that improves your athletic ability in ways not attainable in a traditional gym. Take the leap this season and get better athletic training for better athletic success.

Advanced Technology Guides Expert Trainers

Achieving the best results means employing the best sports technology. Senaptec eye-tracking technology is one of the most advanced methods to measure your visual agility and pinpoint areas of strength and improvement. The expert trainers use this data to inform them on what exercises will work best to help you reach your goals and get ahead.

Your eye movement indicates how you may view the field, where your focus is and how strong your peripheral awareness is. While our vision is typically relatively motionless at rest, sports vision is constantly moving and changing when running on the field or tracking teammates and balls. 

This next-level technology backs up our Sports Vision Trainers with empirical data on how your eyes and mind work, which then guides your athletic training to improve your on-field focus, vision and awareness. The sports technology in our training facility goes further than Senaptec glasses, too. Exercises and training plans are designed with sports vision specifically in mind, meaning we focus precisely on improving your visual agility and fine-tuning your motor skills, reaction time and more. All of our advanced technology is created to help you achieve your vision. 

Custom Approaches Focus on You

Just as you custom-fit new equipment, your Sports Vision Training experience is tailored to your sport, skills and visual agility. This way, each time you enter our facility, you will come in knowing you’re getting the most out of your visual training to maximize your athletic performance. 

Our repertoire of exercises applies to athletes across all sports. These exercises utilize touch screens, balls and other equipment that will stimulate your neurological system and strengthen your performance.  By evaluating what your athletic needs are based on your position, sport and visual ability, we identify areas of visual agility improvement. Then, we help you apply these exercises to the court or field. And, just like traditional sports training, we continue to evaluate areas of improvement and modify exercises to ensure your athletic performance continues to improve. 

Train Your Brain 

Being an athlete means combining your physical talent with your neurological system. These systems work as one when you are reacting to movement on the field, such as blocking a shot, passing to a teammate or fielding a ball. Sports Vision Training takes a neurological approach to athletic training, helping your body and mind work together to improve your athletic ability. 

Athletes tend to focus on the physical aspects of their sport, such as lifting weights or running laps. Even during these exercises, your mind is working hard to help you do this. When you strengthen your neurological system, you’re able to move your body more efficiently, which directly translates to athletic success. Your reaction time will quicken and you will sharpen both your focus and peripheral vision through a Sports Vision Training regime. While working out in the gym will help one aspect of your game, exercising in the SVT facility will round out your training and level up your success.

Step Up Your Game with Sports Vision Training

The difference between a good goalie and a great goalie is how many shots they block. A great shortstop versus a good shortstop will be able to field more hard hit ground balls. Great athletes are made by standing out and getting ahead. Sports Vision Training is designed to craft athletes and propel them to the next level of peak athletic performance.

This season, improve your athletic ability by training like no other. Learn how the expert trainers at Sports Vision Training can formulate a plan to maximize your athletic potential and achieve your goals on and off the court. If you want to improve your reaction time, focus on eye-hand coordination or learn how else SVT can help you this season, contact us and get started on your all-star year.