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The challenges of reaching your full athletic potential take dedication and precious time.
Demands for athletic performance are high at every level of competition, and we know athletes want to be at their best. Over 90% of the information we collect when playing sports is visual.
Our customized sports vision training program can optimize your athletic performance and give you the competitive edge.

Baseball Player Training - Sports Vision Training

What do all athletes have in common?

All athletes want to achieve something. We are familiar with training your physical abilities. But the most overlooked area of athletic training is cognitive and visual training. Are you frustrated that you’ve plateaued? Discouraged by your athletic performance? You deserve the opportunity to reach full potential.

Why Sports
Vision Training?

See Faster

see faster

React Faster

react faster

Play Faster

play faster

You may think about vision as what you see.
Sports vision is about what you perceive.
How you process. What action you take.

Complete Eye Care Tennis Training

We understand how it feels to want more from your athletic performance.

Hockey Training Eye Care

Over the last decade, we’ve helped thousands of patients understand their specific visual challenges.

We provide advanced technology for evaluation and training to truly understand areas of athletic opportunity.

As a member of the International Sports Vision Association, we have access to the most exclusive and current training methods for peak athletic performance.

Hockey Training Eye Care


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